Audi Q3: Now 340 hp in RS

Ingolstadt, November 6, 2014

Audi has its compact SUV Q3 and the muscular top version RS Q3 revised. The optical fine-tuning is was moderate, but effective. To recognize the update mainly on new trimmed Singeleframe grill: Its upper corners now make a connection to the newly drawn headlamps. The shine with a new light: series are now xenon plus lights with LED daytime running lights, at the request 's LED headlights. Who orders, also get turn signals running light in the LED rear lights have also been revised.

With cylinder deactivation

The Q3 is going to have to launch with three TFSI and three TDI four-cylinder engines. The Otto is also used known from the A3 sedan 1.4 TSFI with the COD system now. COD stands for " cylinder on demand ", meaning that at low load two cylinders are deactivated. That should save about 20 percent of fuel at moderate driving style. Like its predecessor, this engine delivers 150 hp and 250 Newton meters of torque. Little Otto - Q3 is also offered as a fuel-saving model " ultra " and will then consume only 5.5 liters of gasoline.

2.0 TFSI with 180 and 220 hp

Who would have liked more, can choose the 2.0 TFSI. He is with 180 or 220 hp on offer ?? previously there were 170 and 211 hp. Despite more power the thirst was throttled: So take, for example, the 2.0 TFSI with 180 hp, seven-speed S tronic and quattro drive 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers, while comparable previous average of 7.7 liters are gone from the tank.

More power for the diesel

New 's even with the diesels: The two-liter diesel are to launch with 150 and 184 hp offers ( previously 140 and 177 hp ), a 120-hp entry-level version will follow in 2015. And here a particularly economical " ultra " version will be launched. Than 2.0 TDI with 150 hp, manual transmission and front-wheel drive it is to burn only 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers. That all new diesel engines adding " clean diesel " wear, is because their exhaust gas is purified by SCR catalytic converter to meet the Euro 6 standard.

Matched Comfortable

Apart from the engines, the Audi engineers have also had the chassis of the Q3 in the making ?? The SUV will now be sprung comfortable. Fresh in the option list was an LED interior lighting package. The driver assistance systems is a special brake assist, which is to prevent secondary collisions, now series.

RS Q3: 4.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h

Has done a lot at the top of RS Q3: Its 2.5 - liter five-cylinder engine now manages 340 hp instead of 310 induced and pushes with 450 instead of 420 Newton meters of torque forward. So fired, sprints Q3 RS in 4.8 seconds to 100 km / h, and is regulated only at 250 km / h. At least with the acceleration value to rotate so that the previous a long nose: He needs 5.5 seconds to go in the three-digit tach range.

Matched transmission new

The seven-speed S-tronic in the RS has also been revised. She heads the force to the quattro powertrain and will now turn even faster. The lower gears are closely spaced for a sporty, the seventh gear has a fuel-efficient long. Thanks to the new " Wave " design the brake discs have become lighter at the front by one kilogram. And now the standard RS - Sport suspension with adaptive dampers surcharge also be combined.

From 29,600 €

The revamped Q3 is available from February 2015 at the dealer. For the 1.4 TFSI with 150 hp 29,600 € are to lie, 700 euros more than previously. The RS Q3 costs 56,600 euros ?? which is an increase of 2,000 euros to its predecessor. The fresh athlete is delivered in the first quarter of 2015 . (HD)