Audi e-tron concept Sportback: premiere in Shanghai

Ingolstadt, 18 April 2017

The electric train rolls and is apparently no longer to stop. Also Audi wants to go as far as possible in one of the front cars. Similar to VW, the Ingolst├Ądter therefore launch an electric offensive. First views were already there at the Frankfurt IAA in 2015 with the study e-tron quattro concept. Based, the Audi e-tron concept Sportback follows a (19-29 April 2017) now on the car show in Shanghai. At the same time, Audi there is the launching pad for the transfer of technology in the series.

One half of a SUV

Visually the Audi opts for e-tron concept Sportback a lines similar to the BMW X 6, with roof line declining significantly to the rear. The wheel flares are also striking. The study by the IAA 2015 was 4.88 meters long, the e-tron concept Sportback is slightly longer with 4.90 meters. So is the car a SUV? Yes, because falls probably the vehicle height (1.53 meters) between A7 (1.42 meters) and Q7 (1.74 meters). A certain height lowering is already necessary, because the batteries in the field of the subfloor. Nevertheless is the volume of the trunk between 550 and 1,450 litres.

With much coverage against Tesla

The technology takes over the new Audi-study of the e-tron quattro concept. So, the battery capacity is 95 kilowatt-hours, which is enough for about 500 kilometers. A full charge should last only 50 minutes. Three electric motors take over the drive, system performance is specified with a 435 HP, boost function for a short time even 503 HP and 800 nm of torque are possible. Acceleration? 4.5 seconds. Tip? 210 km/h. The direction is clear: Tesla should be taught to fear, because the drive to go into series production as well. And when? The first Audi e-tron launches 2018, 2019, as Audi Chief Rupert Stadler in Shanghai, the Sportback variant comes officially confirmed. You would like to offer five e-tron variants in China until 2022. (rh)