As Opel moves into the future

Rüsselsheim, 9. November 2017

Where is Opel the common future under the umbrella of the French PSA group (Peugeot/Citroën/DS)? In the run-up was much has been speculated that PSA chief Carlos Tavares would get out the lawn mower, to close plants and reduce jobs. But now the "Pace." (pace) called plan for the future: The Opel-garden is transformed into Parts, even in favor of the Opel.

More margin, less costs

The long-term goal is to create for Opel back in a healthy financial base and to make the company competitive. In the view, it has an operating margin in the automotive business, initially, a two per cent until 2020 until 2026 it is expected to be six percent. Possible synergy effects by, among other things, in the newly created group, to be in the year 2026 at 1.7 billion euros. At the same time, we want to reduce by 2020 the cost per vehicle of 700 euros. So, the income threshold at Opel and British sister Vauxhall will be achieved already at 800,000 vehicles per year. For comparison: in 2016, sold the Opel/Vauxhall Europe 1.16 million vehicles.

For the time being no job cuts

For workers, there is only once good news: All of the plants in Europe are to be kept, and reasons the operation can be avoided. Nevertheless, Opel wants to reduce the wage costs in the long term, such as through new working time concepts, as well as voluntary programmes and services for old-age part-time. For the first time Opel is able to offer all models in the world: It is said that the brand will be until the year 2022, more than 20 new export markets. In addition, Opel test in the medium term, in the world for more profitable export opportunities.

Conversion to PSA technology to 2024

What's next in terms of the Model range of Opel? All new vehicles of the Opel/Vauxhall to be developed in Rüsselsheim, with use of the CMP - and EMP2-of the platforms of PSA. It is a modular platform, EMP2, for example, is the substructure of the Peugeot 3008 and 5008. All Opel/Vauxhall plants should be able to manufacture vehicles with the two PSA-platforms. The total number of Opel/Vauxhall-used Cars-platforms up to 2024, from the current nine to two reduce. The drive families are reduced from ten to four. Starting in 2024, all the Car models of Opel and Vauxhall to a PSA based architecture. At the same time, will be changed in the engines and Transmissions of General Motors on PSA components.

New Corsa from 2019 – electrically

Including body variants of the Opel wants to bring by 2020 a total of nine new models to the market. The first model of this series will be 2018, the new Combo, whose latest Generation was developed with Fiat. 2019 the new Corsa, of which there should also be a purely electric variant. Up to 2020, Opel will have four electrified model series on the market, up to 2024, the entire program is to be electrified, which includes, however, also hybrid solutions. The factory in Eisenach is to build by 2019 a SUV on the EMP2 platform, in Rüsselsheim, Germany, it produces at the same time a vehicle in the D Segment, from the Format of the Insignia. A Plug is scheduled also-in Hybrid variant of the Grand country X. Also in the light commercial vehicles (LCV), there will be new releases, here is a PSA already offers a wide range. By 2020, the LCV will increase sales by 25 percent.

Lohscheller: the future is secured

Opel chief Michael Lohscheller is shown by the Pace Plan impressed: "This Plan will put our whole potential-free! He is of Central importance, in order to protect our company and our employees even under difficult conditions. So our future is secured," said Lohscheller. Clearly, Carlos Tavares, Chairman of the management Board of the Groupe PSA is: "We must recognize that what has made the Opel in the last 15 years, was not successful. The Pace Plan is made by Opel employees and Opel. Now it is your Hand to turn around. The decisions are now taken in Detroit and not even in Paris. They are made in Rüsselsheim."(rh)