As an XE, only bigger

Hair, December 18, 2014

We almost kept the car for the Jaguar XE, but of which there are long since official images. No, our new Erlk├Ânig images, the new generation of the Jaguar XF is visible. The current version is on the market since 2008, with the exception of the facelift in 2011. After six years, it is time to think of the sequel, so it is hardly surprising that the car ?? in addition to the now photographed sedan, there is the combination named SportBrake ?? is now being tested.

Headlight shape remains a mystery

Visually similar to the new XF the XE almost like peas in a pod. From the headlights can be seen but not much. We suspect that they are not as female-swinging come like the XE, but not as slit-like as in the C-X17. This study was in 2013 at the IAA Frankfurt an impression of the planned Jaguar SUV. However, this is likely to be based more on the XE as on the new XF, since the study fits better with 4.72 meters in length in the middle class.

Even bigger than before already?

The car looks now photographed not less, but more still larger than the current XF, which with 4.96 meters long been one of the major representatives of the upper middle class. Since the current XF is about 29 inches longer than the mid-2015 XE-starting, but only 17 inches shorter than the XJ, would make the new XF move dangerously close to the XJ, the model structure geriete out of joint. But perhaps even growing in the future also the XJ? Even this was five years old and could soon get a successor.

Still no downsizing

The engines will probably continue four-, six-and eight-cylinder ?? as well as the competition from Audi, BMW and Mercedes. While in the middle class of six-cylinder is already one of the endangered species, a class is higher the downsizing forced apparently not yet been felt. For customers in the US and China, a plug-in hybrid version could be added, after the British had already presented a 2012 XJ prototypes using this technique. The all-wheel drive as well as the wagon version will be likely to continue. Should be presented to the new XF in the coming year, we suggest: in autumn 2015 at the IAA. ( sl)