Anodized Pink for the modern woman

Cologne, 13 may 2016

Since January 2016, DS is officially an independent brand. The former Citroën Division tries increasingly as a brand of the French lifestyle and elegance to position. What fits the best? Champagne, oysters, art and fashion. As designed by Oh what designed: created! DS now together with the fashion label Givenchy the special model DS 3 Givenchy Le MakeUp.

The woman of today in the Center

The cosmetics Division of the part of the LVMH group fashion company Givenchy offers even men fragrances, but the cooperation involves the woman and "the active woman of today". From her, DS knows that she considered their vehicle as a very personal place. Here it refreshes the makeup for example before the trip the necessary utensils are supplied immediately.

The dynamic effect of Rosa

Primarily the car but aims to improve the appearance of women as an accessory: "the idea of this model was that makes it appear even more attractive the woman. "Its beauty is thus underlined that she sits at the helm of the new DS 3 as well as the reflection of colors on her face and the dynamic effect of the pink, which makes them smile", says Nicolas Degennes, the competent Art Director at Givenchy.

A dream in pink and whisper

The keyword Rosa has fallen. Outside is the DS 3 Although white, but the Interior is characterized by pink faces, the most words color of the world. "The dashboard shows the passenger compartment in anodized pink", perseverance DS. Press release strongly perfumed prose is like from the quotations, held appropriately titled. The roof, the side mirrors and the hubs covers shine "in the brand colour whisper", which considers only the uninitiated to Burgundy or Aubergine.

Nail Polish matched to the roof color

A Givenchy logo on the door pillars and lettering of the foot mats make attention to the cooperation. And where is the promised makeup Kit? In the center armrest. There you will find a lipstick, mascara, a Puderdöschen and a nail polish bottle. The varnish was specially designed for the special model, the color fits clearly whisper to the roof!

Motor? Beside the point

Motorization, equipment and price of the special model are obviously rather beside the point for today's active woman, they are listed by DS at the end. Strong turbo diesel version with manual transmission (24.490 euros) or six-speed automatic (26.290 euros) is offered only the 110 HP. The special model based on the top version SportChic, which is available at the PureTech 110 usually only with automatic and then 22,540 euros costs. The features include 17-inch alloy wheels, an audio system with seven-inch display and Navi, rear Park beeper, not to mention of course the make-up set light and rain sensors and electrically folding Lapp bare exterior mirrors. Who wants to have the special model, can a certain exclusivity be sure: the world's 1,400 copies only 50 pieces come to Germany. (sl)