An autonomous moving van with artificial intelligence

Austin (Texas, USA), 20 March 2017

You know the Chinese American start-up companies fail one of about 1,300 PS strong cars, who is regarded as the fastest electric vehicle in the world maybe EP9 of the electric sports car produced. Recently, a record on a racetrack in Austin showed the EP9 can be also independently very quickly. NIO presents a more autonomous study, but not for the race track, but for everyday use.

5 + 1 seats in the living room Interior

Of 5.20 metres long Eve comes quite avant-garde and looks at first glance like a cross between a Coupé and van. A - and B-pillars has been omitted in favour of all-round visibility. Also the getting in and out is easier, promises NIO. This is the only door, a sliding door, which opens to the front. The interior design was a priority in the development of the eve. So the lounge-like interior is ideal for longer trips. There is space for five people, moreover, a folding seat.

Drive autonomously or by hand

The eve is designed first and foremost for autonomous driving (level 4) and merges this with other vehicles with similar abilities to "Platoon" and communicates with other vehicles to avoid traffic jams. Who wants to, can drive the eve but also by hand. The drive provides an all-wheel electric drive with a range of 1,000 kilometers. The batteries have again charged wirelessly in ten minutes, you get 400 kilometers.

Nomi as intelligent companion

The heart of the eve but Nomi is a digital companion that will help the inmates with artificial intelligence. Nomi communicates by voice and by pointing to the augmented-reality discs (called by NIO "active glass"). This applies above all front and side Windows, but also the glass roof can display information, such as for example constellations. Nomi is also capable of learning and adapts the driving style at autonomous driving needs of the occupants. (sl)