AMG GT4 is just before

Munich, 7. August 2017

In March 2017, presented the Mercedes-AMG his first four doors on the car salon in Geneva. Nevertheless, he seems to be already in a late development phase. We are talking about here is the production version of the so-called AMG GT Concept, and when it comes to the latest spy pictures, the series is losing not too much on the very eye-catching study.

Close to the study

The market launch for the new car, the rumored GT4 is to say, we expect in the course of the year 2018. After the SLS, the GT, as well as the Hypercar Project One of the GT4 AMGs will be the fourth fully-private model. The Design is reminiscent of the broad guidelines of the top athletes AMG GT, but dignified, limousiniger. With slightly modified headlights and a shorter hood. Compared to the Geneva study, the tail is also massive, with a longer, slightly muggy trunk lid. On a closer look, however: The heavy duty Rear add-on could only be mounted, in order to disguise the true lines of the four-door-coupe.

Initially without Super-Hybrid

Rather than a stretched Version of the AMG-GT-use the Chassis, use the Affalterbach-based, however, on the MRA platform, the current C - and E-class. Most likely, the substructure of the new Mercedes-AMG E 63 appears. Together with the 4Matic+-all-wheel drive, the front axle is disconnected by the push of a button. Under the hood AMGs known 4.0-Liter is expected to sit Biturbo V8, it will bring depending on the variant, on 500 to over 600 HP. The 812-PS Hybrid (V8 plus electric Motor on the rear axle) of the Geneva-study will not be at market launch, probably still available, but it could be for a future Top model. Interestingly, plans for Mercedes to bring its new CLS-Generation at approximately the same time on the market. In how far the two very similarly positioned models kanibalisieren, remains to be seen.(sw)