All of the AMG C 63 Facelift

Affalterbach/New York (USA), 27. March 2018

But it is also a mammoth task, until you have heaved a complete C-class by means of the own model of care. After the C-class normal C-class two-door (coupe, Cabrio) and C-class spicy (AMG C 43) at the New York Auto Show in 2018 now, C-class, extra sharp. Exactly, now the V8 steam hammers get your Facelift. And the Revisions to the AMG C 63 and C 63 S are actually somewhat more extensive than in the rest of the C-siblings.

Pan-American Grill is now also in the C 63

On the pictures you can see the redesigned C 63 S coupe, but of course, the Facelift also applies to the sedan, T-model and a Cabriolet. From the outside, the 63-Year 2018 is seen especially at the new Panamericana-the radiator grille to the AMG now, without regard to loss of all their valuables and screwed. Take a closer look you have intakes at the new transverse fin in the air, the revised rear diffuser (in the C 63 S with an additional diffuser Board) or the chromiger shiny tailpipes. Aerodynamic, it goes in the future, in the wheel well: Two new wheel designs in "tantalum grey" dashing in the Wind. Standard is 18 inches. In the case of S or a surcharge for 19-inchers.

More Digital Cockpit

Inside the new ' 63 models benefit from the achievements of the C-class Facelifts. Want to be called: The Infotainment screen is now up to 10.25 inches in size and, on request, a 12.3-inch, fully-digital instrument display is lolling in front of your nose. The shows, all sorts of AMG-specific additional information. Engine data, G-forces, or entire racetrack, including sector and lap times for example. The latter is but only if you have ordered the new Option "AMG Track Pace", a kind of internal circuits-Datalogger. As usual in a Facelift, the buttons there are, of course, a few new interior colors, new decor elements and a new steering Wheel, including a Touch-Control panel. In addition, the excellent Performance can be-sitting in the future, also air-conditioned. And it has optional new air cushion in the side bolsters, for the optimised page, stop inflating.

More Speed

And that is enough of the Design and Wellness front. We come to the really important things. The four-liter twin-turbo V8 remains with 476 and 510 HP (the S models) on Vorfacelift-level. Anyone who knows this engine, can seriously complain about it. The fastest C 63 S Coupé accelerates. It takes 3.9 seconds to 100 km/h. The sedan version is 4.0 seconds, wagon, and convertible 4.1 seconds. The 476-horsepower variants, respectively, is 0.1 seconds slower. New there are, however, from Topspeed: All of the Left-track Afficionados can look forward to in the S models standard equipment now over 290 km/h top. The normal ' 63 continues to make 250 things tight.

New Nine-Speed Automatic

The biggest mechanical Change to the revamped C 63 is sure to be a new transmission. The old seven-speed Box flies out and is replaced by AMGs MCT-nine-speed transmission with a wet start-up clutch. Already in the current AMG E 63 this automatic makes an absolutely excellent impression. Also worth noting: of the many ambitious riders estimated mechanical rear-axle locking differential is history. All C-63 variants are now equipped standard with the electronically controlled Diff that was previously only available in the C 63's.

Even more modes

Standard, and continues to be only Option of the AMG Ride Control steel suspension with adaptive dampers, the tuned AMG "consuming re". In addition, the C 63 S on dynamic engine mounts. Has worked in Affalterbach to the driving programs. There are now even more of what makes the thing a little a little confusing. Six driving modes are now depending on the engine, available: smoothness, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, Race and Individual. So far So good. Now, there are also four new "agility capabilities" (Basic, Advanced, Pro and Master) that are apparently selected by the respective drive program automatically, and things like engine/chassis/differential-response or the inhibition of the re-tuned ESP should take care of. This sounds more complicated than the Lexus is (terribly complicated), is to settle in everyday life, but safe. And fortunately, you can transmission, suspension or exhaust sound via a switch on the center console self-adjusting.

From September 2018

Live see, you can the revised Mercedes-AMG C 63 at the New York Auto Show 30 March to 9. April. Market launch is in September 2018. The prices are not fixed yet. So far, the C started 63 sedan in 76.398 euros for the S model were at least 84.669 euros.(sw)