Age Golf with crazy power

Osterburken, September 23, 2014

That the first Golf R more than twelve years ago as Golf IV R32 came on the market, you can at all the hype about the current R model ever forget. For many of the first R32 is still considered the most beautiful in the entire R - band. And in his 3.2-liter V6 (downsizing knew at that time no one ) is nowadays almost nostalgia. Compared with the current 2.0 - liter turbocharged four-cylinder model, with its 300 hp and 380 Newton meters of 241 hp and 320 Newton meters thick R32 has both in terms of driving performance and fuel consumption, in the cold, but a six-cylinder remains flat a six-cylinder.

Between 500 and 650 hp

In addition, there are resourceful people like Tobias Häfner of HPerformance from the Baden-Württemberg Osterburken, the fix that with the lack of power only to you. In the case of the Golf 4 R32, the tuner uses a modified crankshaft, making the engine capacity shrinks from 3.2 to 3.0 liters ( already we 're back to downsizing). That is a boost to the revving. But the heart of its performance improvement is an opulent Turbo conversion ( for the experts: it is a Precision PT6235 turbocharger for use ). The charge air cooler, suction and the associated piping are HPerformance own productions. There are also a so-called catch-tank in the interior and an additional fuel pump to also provide sufficient fuel available can. The boost pressure is controlled via an electronically adjustable boost controller. Thus, the peak power of the pulse generator 500 to 650 hp is adjustable.

Engine conversion for 20,000 euros

Thus, the somewhat outdated Golf 4 R32 with its new power and can handle stress, HPerformance donated an additional Bilstein B16 coilover suspension with H & R stabilizers and a larger brake system. The flap controlled exhaust system is made as the bulk of the engine rebuild itself. In the interior, removed the Swabian tuner the back seat and installed in return for a fire extinguisher and Recaro Pole Position bucket seats. The engine conversion on up to 650 hp costs 20000 Euro. The prices for the other tuning measures are available on request . ( sw )