Again most powerful compact sports car

Ingolstadt, 10 February 2017

As a fan of sports cars, you know: the manufacturer very seriously the fight for Horsepower supremacy. Perhaps a bit too seriously. But the enthusiast benefits and welcomes more and more performance data and always pipe acceleration times. The most recent example: the HP war in the sport compact segment that strong Audi RS 3 Sportback 2017 culminating now in the 400 HP. Yes, correctly read: 400 HP. In an A3. The world is a crazy place.

In 4.1 seconds to 100 km/h

Happens that is of course only last year to 381 HP of pro-reform Mercedes-AMG A-45 again by the Leistungsthron to join the. For Audi grabs the new 2.5 liter five-cylinder turbo from the TT RS in the RS-3-bug. The strongest of the world series five cylinder provides 400 Horsepower and 480 nm. 33 HP and 15 Newton metres are more than before. Almost even better however: The new engine weighs 26 kilos less than the old one, which you can only welcome in quite pronounced front burden and understeer tendency of RS 3. The 0-100 km/h time falls from 4.3 to 4.1 now seconds. Thus it moves A 45, which requires 4.2 seconds again before the. At the meeting, this is vital. Just like the speed limit, lifting Audi on request from 250 to 280 km/h.

370 mm brake

As in the past is all the power via a seven-speed double clutch on all four wheels. An electro-hydraulic clutch of lamb Ellen distributed the vast amounts of variable between front and rear. Audi driving dynamics system drive select, with which you can affect steering, engine management, fold-out exhaust and the optional Adaptive dampers in four modes, is series. Just like 19-incher with 235er tires and a brake system with 370 mm discs front and 310 mm discs back. Optional, Audi offers also a ceramic brake.

Front slightly retouched

Optically does at the RS-3 facelift rather little. The connoisseur of course immediately reveals the modified single-frame grille, as well as the new blade in the front bumper, at the end of two upright funnels provide more AHA effect. Otherwise, everything remains as it was before. LED headlights are at the RS 3 Sportback series, audis smart matrix-LED light is there for an additional fee. Inside great virtual cockpit with digital instruments 12.3 inch display has 3 audis in the RS as well. Apple CarPlay and Android are also car. Still, the big group Kit sends the new storage Wizard, which holds up to 65 km/h distance and directs, as well as the emergency Wizard, which automatically stops the car in case of need. But it is much more important. The flattened bottom sport steering wheel finally no longer has the Alcantara inserts in the wrong places. They're places where you actually also to attack (say: at three and nine o'clock).

As 54.600 euro

For the first time publicly maintained model Audi RS shows 3 Sportback at the Geneva Auto Show 2017 (March 9-19). Ordered he is then shown 2016 RS 3 sedan as the at the Paris Salon April 2017. The market launch is planned for August of this year. The price of the RS rises 3 Sportback 52.700 on 54.600 euros. Sedan is the RS 3 to Euro 55.900. By comparison, the Mercedes-AMG A 45 euros at least 51.170. (black & white)