Advisor driving in fog

Driving in fog

2015 456 people in fog-related accidents are killed in an accident in Germany, eleven of them died. Driving in fog requires increased attention. Drivers should avoid any distraction and not hear loud music or phone calls while driving, urges therefore the German Verkehrswacht.

It is but especially important to adjust the speed and keep sufficient distance. Fog, objects appear farther away than they actually are. To be aligned with the tail lights of ahead of cars, is not advisable. Instead, the Delineator on the edge of the road can be used to estimate. On country roads and highways, they are at a distance of 50 meters.

If the view extends 50 metres far, should never exceed 50 km/h be driven. Rule of thumb on next to view equal speed is so,. Visibility under 50 metres is even prescribed the maximum speed of 50 km/h (road traffic regulations ยง 3 para 1), where it is then often even make sense to drive any slower.

Rear fog lamp may use only drivers when visibility is due to the fog, less than 50 meters. The result is also that you can drive with the rear fog lamp not faster than 50 km/h. As soon as the conditions have improved, motorists must switch off the rear lamps so that they do not show the following traffic.

In addition the Highway Code stipulates: "Disabled fog, snow or rain the perspective considerably, then is also on the day with low beam to drive." (Regulations section 17.3). In this case, also the fog lights must be switched on.

Fog rides make particularly exhausting the increased concentration. Therefore a break should be inserted when visibility is cloudy more often. She can also be used to wipe the headlights and lights and eliminate dirt and moisture. The windshield should also regularly be cleaned inside and out. (ampnet/nic)