Admission of guilt for traffic violations Silence is golden

Silence is golden

Traffic offenders who are too talkative with the police, and legal assistance can no longer help. Particularly when they themselves have already made ​​the evidence.

If a motorist is questioned by the police, which is for the sufferer sometimes a psychological emergency situation. Excessive loquacity can be a disadvantage, but a supposedly good excuse is probably legally the complete opposite: Who responds, for example, on the accusation of speeding with the excuse that he was dreadfully in a hurry, who confesses not only his fault but is even deliberate action, legal experts warn. That can mean a doubling of the fine.

Quick one can also make the evidence against himself, if, for example, answered the question of whether one is the sole vehicle users and was located at a certain time on a certain street positive. If for that period before a so-called indicator display without concrete description of the driver, as you yourself have supplied the proof. The correct response loud " For this I make no information ", the experts recommend.