ADAC parking test: space question

Munich, 28 April 2016

Have you ever irritated about too narrow or too dark Park homes? Now, the Automobile Club ADAC as a whole has tested 44 garages in Germany. You are in Aachen, Freiburg, Fürth, Halle/Saale, Heidelberg, Krefeld, Ludwigshafen, Magdeburg, Oldenburg, Osnabrück, Saarbrücken and Würzburg. Beforehand: The grade "Very good" achieved no parking garage.

Test limitations

The test objects with at least 150 places for Kurzparker were central and were usable for everyone. It was tested on the basis of a checklist of more than 110 checkpoints. In the ADAC Tester met with resistance: access forbidden 19 operators of parking garages. In total, 50 garages were affected. Of the remaining 44 parking garages, 17 achieved the grade of "Good", "Average" more 19. Seven institutions received the predicate 'Poor', a parking lot even a 'Very poor'.

The victory goes to Osnabrück

The Vitihofgarage in Osnabrück, Germany clinched first place. She scored with good condition, clear signs and marking, as well as flat and very wide ramps. Also positively noted the absence of pillars of the parking spaces. Rear light is the underground car park "at the theater" in Heidelberg. A narrow entrance height, a poor lighting, too narrow parking spaces, even no parking spaces for parents with children were just some of the negative features.

Narrow gaps for wide cars

As generally the biggest problem, the width of the parking lots turned out in the test. Although most test candidates hold the legally prescribed minimum width of 2.30 meters. Given the ever-widening cars the requirement from the 1970s is no longer sufficient. The ADAC calls for this reason at least 2.50 meters.

Problems for people with disabilities

Barrier-free-bound handicapped parking spaces are a further point of criticism. With two-thirds of subjects, there were no or too few. And even if accessibility is not always given. Examples include excessive controls in the elevators or at the ticket machines.

New: Help with QR-code

But it is important to also on positive solutions: Aachen aquis Plaza, single pitch ad extra expel the handicapped parking spaces, in the Behnisch-Haus in Krefeld, Germany is at the entrance pointed out, where to find the accessible places. Speaking of find: aquis-Plaza offers QR codes that help the user recognizes where his car is. (rh)