ACE summer tyre test in 2018

Berlin, 26. February 2018

Black, wide and cheap? Who dare to his middle-class a sporty appearance want to give, do not need to put in the choice of tires is inevitably expensive tires. So the conclusion of the current summer tyre tests by the ACE Auto Club Europa, together with the GTÜ society for Technical Supervision has carried out.

Medium-more expensive champion tires

Were tested eleven tyres of size 235/45 R18. The test winner is the Falken Azensis FK510. He, for example, with 40,89 meters braking distance from 100 km/h with the best value on the wet track. But the tyre impresses not only in the individual test disciplines, but also because of the price. With 554 euros for a set of tires, the Falken is located in the midfield of all tested tires. Because according to the Federal Association of trade and vulcanizer tire-craft is the price range for a set of tires of this size currently at 362 to 774 Euro.

Place for Kumho and Nokian

The second place is surprisingly good Kumho performed with the Ecsta PS71 and Nokian with the zLINE. Both summer tires are just under 450 euros (Kumho) and 500 Euro (Nokian) per set even cheaper than the test winner. However, you are in the sum of the technical characteristics slightly worse than the Tire from Falken. In the case of Wet-brakes need less than a metre more. 41,79 meters it is precisely in the case of Kumho and 42,07 meters in the case of the tyre of the Nokian from 100 km/h.

Also, the cheapest tire is still safe

It goes even cheaper, and still safe, the cheapest tires in the Test: A set of Premitra 5 of the Taiwanese manufacturer Maxxis will only cost 362 Euro, offers overall, but still good values, especially on a dry track. The test car brakes within 34,25 meters from 100 km/h to standstill. So he achieved in the category of brakes on a dry track in third place.

A premium tyre from Conti because of the price devalued

Only the technical properties, i.e. the braking on dry and wet track, count, however, the Continental premium contact would land on the second place, the price of 740 euros to let him, however, on the fifth place.

All of the eleven tires are recommended

Overall, the field of the summer tyre was so close to each other as is the case with any previous tyre test by ACE and GTÜ: All 11 summer tires get recommended is the result of the test"". The winner of the test Azensis FK510 hawks only one point on the test result is missing the overall "highly recommended".(sl)