A new study by Giugiaro in Geneva

Montcalieri (Italy), 27. February 2018

Giugiaro presented at the Geneva auto salon 2018 (8. to 18. March) a new vehicle is study. You should combine elements of SUVs, luxury sedans and sports cars. With the concept car of the 80. Birthday of the 1938-born star designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro celebrated. To his mother, Maria Sibylla, the Name of the study: Sibylla remembered. Moreover, this name plays on the ancient prophets, saying, unsolicited. The car should show us, therefore, how the future might look like.

The car is integrated in a Smart Grid

The vehicle supports the Vehicle-to-Grid technology, that is to say: His 75-kilowatt-hour battery can't recharge only electricity, but also energy into the grid. The car is a part of EnOS, the Smart Grid platform of project partners Envision. To be part of this network equipment, generating 100 gigawatts of renewable energy – equivalent to the entire generating capacity of Britain.

As big as a BMW 7 series, but with glass dome

The four electric motors of Sibylla is driven by both axes. With about five meters length and 1.48 meters in height, the car is about as big as a BMW 7-series, however, is significantly unconventional. The passenger cabin is formed of a transparent dome. An a-pillar is missing, while the B-pillar is replaced by a kind of Targa bar behind the glass. The light-sensitive glass dome darkens in sunlight – only the front part that meets the windshield, remains transparent. The steeply sloping rear is reminiscent of the Volvo S90.

The dome in front of slides, and you get

Particularly spectacular is the way the truck opens for the occupant is: The glass cupola glides to the front, wherein the two longitudinal slots are used in the hood as a guide. As soon as the passengers sit in, the Cockpit automatically. Inside a half-moon shaped dashboard with a variety of Displays across the entire width of the car. On the completely flat floor, four single seats arranged. Between the left and right Seats, there are adjustable console, behind the rear seats is room for small bags, coats, and more.(sl)