A look behind the scenes

Mladá Boleslav ( Czech Republic ), August 27, 2014

The external appearance of the new Skoda Fabia is already known. Now the Czech VW subsidiary shows the first image of the interior. The car as a whole is referred to as "emotional and functional, compact outside, big inside " described. Compact it is, the opponents of VW Polo and Opel Corsa, but emotionally? At least the exterior could, even if it sportier and edgier comes along in the future, functional hardly be. As it looks to the future interior of the small car? Is it big and emotionally?

The Small expands its interior

The new Fabia offers more space for passengers and luggage than its predecessor. The passenger compartment is slightly longer ( eight millimeters ) and wider ( front 21 mm, rear two millimeters ). At the same time receive driver and front passenger a bit more headroom. The luggage compartment of the city car holds 330 liters. That's 15 liters more than in the more current version and about 45 liters more than the average in the small car segment. As examples: The VW Polo comes to 280 liters, the Opel Corsa to 285 liters. Hard facts and no emotions So even boot capacity and the passenger compartment. This one has plenty of space to load the functional Fabia with emotions. Be there. Significant personal and baggage or persons to which there is an emotional connection

New technology features " Simply Clever"?

Hooray! The new Fabia has known from the Skoda Rapid Ice Scraper in the flap. How many customers the gimmick actually leads to a purchase decision, unfortunately, can not statistically prove. It should not be many. Other features are responsible for the soliciting of a new and younger generation of car buyers. For the first time in a Skoda is a technique used which reflects the smartphone display my app on the infotainment system of the vehicle. In addition, certain data such as fuel consumption, average speed or the cost of a route can be stored on the phone, map and mobilize. Can be stored the portable electronics on the new Multimediacupholder in the center console.

Unknown to the unknown market prices

When the new Fabia will be available at the dealer? Using this data, Skoda holds as back to the future prices, yet. A current Fabia can be bought at a basic price of 11,640 euros. There are the bare five-door model with three-cylinder gasoline engine and 60 hp. (ml)