916 hp are not enough

Woking ( UK), July 28, 2014

Greetings from England: Ron Dennis, Chairman of McLaren Group, took his letterhead from the drawer and wrote all 375 McLaren P1-owners, whether they would want a faster racing version of its hybrid cars under certain circumstances. Probably a rhetorical question, because who is to say there already " No"?

From the drawing to the concept

In June 2014 was finally announced that McLaren will build the race-P1. Now the British show, the first animated version of Hell hybrids and on August 17, 2014, a complete design concept on the Pebble Beach `s Consours d'Elegance will be introduced in California.

Striking appearance

The most marked at the optics are certainly the rear spoiler the size of a surfboard, the nested body shape for air conduction and finally the two exhaust pipes with thigh circumference.

Desired performance

Until now he's just a vision in the computer and in the minds of some crazy Brits, that is, possible performance figures are not yet known. The current P1 makes 916 hp and manages the sprint from zero to 100 km / h in under three seconds. Maybe it creates the GTR is said to have 83 hp more than the " standard P1" in under two? It would be nice.

2.5 million euros

A bit of time the employees of McLaren also have. The production of the P1 GTR is in June 2015 to the end of the regular P1-production start. This, incidentally, exactly 20 years after the Le Mans victory of a McLaren F1 GTR. Nevertheless, it would not do to save the required 2.5 million euros up to this point. The P1 McLaren GTR puts out only when one can prove in the garage at home against the GTR almost conservative acting P1.