605 hp Audi RS models toppt

Ingolstadt, October 22, 2015

Audi sets after a few steps: The combi RS6 Avant and the five-door coupe RS 7 Sportback are now offered via ultra strong "performance " models. Both drives of the known four-liter V8, its performance was, however, pushed from 560 to 605 hp yet crisper. In addition, the power of machines is growing: a maximum of 700 Newton meters patter on the crankshaft, via overboost function even briefly up to 750 Nm of it.

3.7 seconds from zero to 100

Impressive are mainly the Sprint values ​​at wagon and coupe equal: After every 3.7 seconds the speedometer needle wipes in the triple digits. These are two tenths less than the weaker RS models. Tempo 200 reach the performance variants with 12.1 seconds so they are 1,4 seconds faster. Who also booked one of the dynamic packages can raise the top speed of 250 to 280 or even 305 km / h. Fuel consumption and emission levels do not change according to Audi: The Avant swallows 9.5 liters per 100 kilometers and discharges 221 gram of CO2 per kilometer, the Sportback there are 9.6 liters and 223 grams of CO2.

Setup button on the steering wheel

The audio setup system called " Drive Select " changed as usual by pressing a button the parameters of steering, throttle response, gearbox and the genuine Yamaha sport differential. New to the Performance models (like the R8 ) a button on the steering wheel, with which the driver can instantly switch between modes.

Extra wide sill

Evident are the two top racers on revised bumpers with large breathing holes front and striking diffusor insert at the rear, black honeycomb mesh and extra wide sills. Who still wants to attract more attention, should order the exclusive body paint Ascariblau Metallic. Fits this is the optional " RS Performance Design Package " offered are laced in the blue - black interior details.

From 117.00 EUR

The Audi RS6 Avant performance costs 117,000 euros, the Audi RS 7 Sportback performance can be had from 121,700 euros. Both are thus respectively 7,000 euros more expensive than their 45 PS weaker counterparts. The same engine is also the way in S8 plus used, which was presented in August 2015th All three should be available in November 2015, the dealers . ( hd )