60,000 euro: A mini to the Maxi award

Silverstone (Great Britain), April 6, 2017

Remember you still on the David Brown speed baking GT? The 2014 presented car based on the Jaguar XKR, but had a metal dress in the style of an Aston Martin DB5. Now David Brown is back automotive, this time with a modern version of the classic mini.

Almost look like the original

The mini remastered basically has the known, developed by Alec Issigonis look of the original. But the body seams were removed, installed a new aluminum Grill, bullet mirrors with lights attached, and the car got special LED tail lights that are inspired by the GT speed back.

Modified original engine

Under the hood is a tuned version of the mini motor with 1,275 CC and about 50 percent more power. Brakes and suspension were strengthened and newly matched the four-speed manual transmission. David Brown welding additional body makers in the mini, to increase rigidity and improve handling.

Wood steering wheel and USB port

The Interior mixes retro elements with modern technology. Hand-stitched leather seats, black and white instruments by Smith and a steering wheel with wooden wreath of Moto-LITA belong to former. The high-tech facilities include car a keyless access and launch system, an audio system with touch screen and USB port as well as a Smartphone connection via Apple car play and Android. You can get even the most important feature for the coffee-to-go generation: a cup holder.

Production at Silverstone

The mini remastered is manufactured by hand in David Brown's new headquarters at Silverstone, so very close to the famous British circuit. There also a showroom will soon be established. From the start, there will be two limited special versions: "inspired by Café of racers" and "Inspired by Monte Carlo". The public Premiere is planned for the "top Marques" show in Monaco (20 to 24 April 2017).

60,000 euros and more

The prices were still not officially announced, but it should be at approximately 60,000 euros. If you look too long at the extra list, it could be but still far more expensive. The BMW mini, however, in any case, looks like a bargain. On the other hand, the mini remastered is cheaper than a GT speed back at least half a million euros.

"Amazing response"

"We have designed this car", says company founder David Brown, "that it fits into any classical or modern garage of a collector, and I can look at it as a fantastic city car." We have an amazing response of high-speed back-GT customers and fans of David Brown automotive." (sl)