570S: entry-level model with 570 horses

Woking, March 31, 2015

It may sound a bit excessive, but McLaren now also makes " downsizing". Well, actually, the British automaker had been just super athlete ( the emphasis is clearly on "Super" ) in the program. Now the former Super Series vehicle range is extended down to the " Sports Series ". The first and most powerful of the two proposed models in the new series is presented from 3 to 12 April 2015 at the New York International Auto Show ( NYIAS ). Curtain up for the McLaren 570S.

Racing technology in the sports car

McLaren packs plenty of racing technology in the 570S. The newly developed carbon fiber mono Cell II chassis weighs less than 80 kg. The body is made of aluminum, to further save unnecessary pounds and is nearly identical to those of McLaren 650S in dimensions. The new sport-Series family members is a curb weight of just 1313 kg. In addition, the aerodynamic design of the new sports car shell takes the McLaren P1 as a model and thus improves cooling and downforce. If that's not enough air circulation is that can optionally order a aerodynamic styling package. It includes a front wing, side air fins, a fixed rear spoiler and a rear diffuser.

Series: Carbon - ceramic brakes

The chassis combines adaptive dampers and stabilizers with double wishbone suspension. It can be used in " Normal", " Sport" and " track" can be set. A carbon-ceramic brake system is standard on the 570S. (20 inch front: 19 inches, rear) tires Corsa tires with Pirelli P-Zero before the composite slices of the plant were forged alloy wheels.

Technical data of the drive train

Separately, the chassis can also be the powertrain in the above three modes adjust. It consists of a 3.8 - liter twin turbo V8 that was installed in mid-engine position in 570S. The unit delivers 570 hp and a maximum torque of 600 Newton meters. Over a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the engine power is applied to the rear axle. Thus equipped, the 100 km / h mark drops from 3.2 seconds to 200 km are achieved in 9.5 seconds and top speed is McLaren at 328 km / h. To ask these technical data on consumption values ​​actually prohibits Although, anyway: 11.1 liters it should be every 100 kilometers.

Sports car meets comfort

Despite all of the racing technology McLaren puts on a certain practicality with good ride comfort with the new entry-level value. Thus, for example, boasts 144 liters to be " best in class " at the boot volume. An integrated infotainment system with seven-inch touch screen is recessed from the factory in the center console. The audio options vary from a light four - speaker system to the Premium system with 1,280-watt surround sound. In the list of optional extras They also offer various Alcantara, leather and carbon fiber interior packages.

Prices for launch

When the New Baby McLaren comes on the market, is not yet known. Also the targeted price of the new home of the athlete Sports Series is not yet a mystery. The current base model, the 650 hp McLaren 650S Coupe will cost at least 231,500 euros . (ml)