50 years NSU ro 80: the book

Hair, 26 April 2017

What you can think on the subject of "Famous German cars"? Clear: VW Beetle, Mercedes 300 SL, Porsche 911. And perhaps also the NSU ro 80. Although only about 37,000 copies were built between 1967 and 1977, still fascinated the Wankel car. Just in time, a new book on the market, which deals in detail with the ro 80 comes to 50th birthday now.

A gap

Fans and lovers of the great NSU ro-80-reading had to wait many years for appealing. At the beginning of the 1990s appeared a very extensive model Chronicle of Wankel confidant Dieter Korp, traded today for 200 euros. Later added an illustrated book with ro-80 photos of Paul Botzenhardt offer, otherwise there were only general works on the history of the brand NSU. One of which was penned by Klaus Arth, which now specifically deals with the ro 80.

Small format, great in the content

Succeeded in getting started, it's from the 80 drudgery of let to the first German "car of the year" anno 1968 large-format photos at the beginning of page fear election of the NSU ro, but far from: Although the scope of the handy book is only 112 pages, creation, production and at the end of the ro 80 in an appropriate manner are traded. Extreme detail fetishists may well be disappointed though, just in the compactness, the wort is located here.

Rise and fall of a car legend

Some previous knowledge of the Wankel is useful for reading, sometimes a too stormy enthusiasm of the author for the always more modern-looking sedan is striking. However, the downside as the engine problems and the lush consumption are not omitted. Finally got a high price (which nevertheless revealed the production cost) to the final nail in the coffin for the ro 80. positive is quite critical views of Audi's role with regard to the marketing and further development of the ro 80, without that is been wild conspiracy theories. Further advantages are the appealing layout, the well written and error-free texts and an appendix with technical data. Even colors, padding and special equipment are listed separately for each model year. Conclusion: for 19.90 euros (ISBN 978-3-667-11045-9) a cheaper in the truest sense of the word overview of the anniversary. (rh)