2016 was cheapest tank year since 2009

Fuel was so cheap as for seven years last year no longer. As the current ADAC evaluation shows the fuel prices, motorists for a liter Super paying 1,281 euro E10 in the annual average. Gasoline was cheaper last in 2009. The price of diesel was 1,078 euros at the lowest level for seven years.

There discounted Super E10 to 8.8 cents, diesel up 9.1 cents compared to the previous year. Also, the year average prices for both types of fuel are decreased in the fourth year in a row.

December was the most expensive month of the year according to ADAC. The price for a liter of Super E10 climbed to the monthly average of 1.345 euro and was the best month of the year to 14.7 cents above the price of February,. Also diesel was as expensive as in any other month of the year in December: one liter cost average 1,175 euro and thus to at least 19.1 cents more than in February.

The most expensive tank days of the year have fallen in December. Super E10 reached its year high on December 25 with 1,373 euro, and the most expensive diesel day coincided with a day average price of 1,201 euro on 31 December. For comparison: Super E10 was the cheapest last year on February 23 with 1,179 euro, diesel on January 22 with 0,954 euros. (ampnet/nic)