mia mia L

The mia L is a van that is produced as a new car since June 2011. With the mia L is a pure electric car for the city was established, which has been designed with small size, similar to the smart fortwo, for the city. In particular, the fact that it is at the mia L to support an electric car is this character of the small car. The new car is based on the L mia mia K pickup trucks, which offers a total length of 3.19. Compared to the shorter mia in the short version, this new or used electric car take four passengers in the rear and has a solid bench. The longer wheelbase offers riders a big plus legroom. As usual with the other vehicles, the mia L is powered by a 25 hp electric motor that can guarantee a top speed of 100 km / hr. The power of 8 kWh batteries according to the manufacturer should be sufficient for a range of 100 kilometers. To bring the new or used mia L back to full capacity, satisfy almost 3 hours on a standard 230 volt outlet. Series in the van with ABS and 2 airbags is equipped, the other items can be ordered optionally for the new cars. Electric cars or hybrid cars cars you can find in mobile.