mia mia K

Mia K is a van that has been designed for emission-free operation in the city. Its use is the small van in the delivery of goods in urban areas as well as courier services or our delivery service. The only slight mia 759 kg K transporters houses next to the central driver's seat has a cargo space with a volume of 1,500 liters. Held by the small dimensions of the box of the new or used car mia K is an optimal vehicle can arise without the parking problems in the delivery. In addition to vehicle height 1.65 meters, it is mainly the small width of only 1.65 meters, which supports effective delivery. The van is purely electrically motorized : A 25 hp electric motor takes care of the quietest border propulsion, which can move up to 100 km / h - ideal for the motorway. With a range of 100 kilometers, the mia K can be used without any pollutants in the delivery and saves resources. The charging time of 8 kWh batteries should be only 3 hours according to the manufacturer. The loading of the small van via sliding side doors.