Mercedes-Benz C 160

The Mercedes-Benz C 160 stylized Since 2004, the entry level model of the small Untert├╝rkheimer the CLC coupe, which has been produced with this engine as a 2-door car by the year 2008. The sports coupe was designed for young and young at heart motorists to opposed to the successful BMW 3 Series Compact a matching competitors can. However, the Mercedes-Benz C 160 could never come close to the sales success of the little Bavaria. Motor side, a 4 - cylinder petrol engine with 1.8 liter displacement and 122 hp was integrated into the Mercedes-Benz C 160th Since 2008, a more fuel-efficient BlueEFFICIENCY engine with 129 hp from 1.6 liters in the Mercedes-Benz C 160 is installed, which provides better fuel economy and meet the EURO 5 standard. In both variants of the Mercedes-Benz C 160 around 205-210 km / h and requires 100 kilometers about 7.5 - 8.5 liters of premium petrol on average. The successor of this chic coupes since the end of 2010 is derived from the new C-Class CLC-Class and titled as such since 2008.