Young transport

Munich, 24 may 2016

Own children's safety has top priority in the car. But which seat protecting really? Finally seem at first sight similar to many products. Now, the latest child safety seat test of the Automobile Club ADAC, which was carried out together with the Stiftung Warentest brings clarity.

Hardly any really bad seats

A total of 26 products under the microscope were included. With a positive result: Once there was a "very good", with 17 models were "good" areas and five with "satisfactory": because according to the ADAC, the children seat test is significantly higher requirements as prescribed by the legislature, these models significantly exceeded the statutory provisions. With the touch of the Aton "Kiddy Evo Luna i-Size" was rated "very good". The 450 euro expensive baby shell protects newborns (45 to 83 cm) up to the age of 18 months. Close behind is the significantly cheaper with 150 euro Bowl "Joie i-GEMM", that may not be attached by ISOFIX.

View the operation of important

Solutions that cover a long age range, can be enjoyed with caution. Like the Chicco Seat-Up 012, of children from birth to about seven years to protect. It offers satisfactory protection during accidents, but was due to weaknesses in the operation on the note 'sufficient' devalued. The "KidsEmbrace friendship" and the "Ayo SF01 Q-fix" are "Poor". At the KidsEmbrace, the backrest must be removed for older children, so that no side-impact protection is given. Also the Ayo weakens the page impact test, the reference also has a high pollution levels. Generally, the ADAC advises to try out before purchasing a child safety seat installation as well as the comfort for the child. See the individual results of the ADAC tests in our picture gallery. (rh)