Lamborghini Diablo SE

The Lamborghini Diablo SE (Special Edition) was introduced in 1991 and is adjacent to the Diablo GTR with a quantity of only 40 copies built one of the rarest Lamborghinis. In the rear of the Lamborghini Diablo SE enlarged to 6.0 liter V12 engine, which brings it to a power of 550 hp works. With a top speed of 330 km / h Lamborghini Diablo SE of 5 km / h faster than a normal Diablo. The 30-year anniversary in 1993 Lamborghini unveiled a limited edition of 150 cars variant of the SE, the Lamborghini Diablo SE 30 Unlike the Lamborghini Diablo SE at Diablo SE 30 sits a 5.7 liter V12 with 525 hp under the hood, the weight was √úR daf slimmed down by 175 kg. Looking for a new car? In this website you can all kinds of vehicles - including rare sports car - buy online.