Masculinity, strength and athleticism

Togliatti / Moscow ( Russia ), August 14, 2014

According to Vincent cobee it is a sure thing: " The Datsun on-DO will be the future choice of Russian customers who want to buy a new, high quality and modern car by a Japanese brand. " Who is Vincent cobee? Right, the global CEO of the brand, Datsun. Whether the four-door sedan can really attract a new customer base for themselves and their classmates to Lada Granta or ZAZ Chance can be dangerous? We will see after the Russian launch of the on-DO in late summer 2014. Until then, back to the beginning.

Japanese historical excursion

It is hard to believe, but the Japanese have to show a long automotive history. Datsun was founded in 1914, as DAT - Go ( or DAT car ). " Dat " in Japanese means something like " lightning fast ". At the same time, " D ", " A" and " T" is the first letter of the name of the financiers of the time: Den, Aoyama and Takeuchi. After the takeover by Nissan in 1933, the new parent company changed its name to "son of DAT " ( son of DAT ) ?? or short: Datson. It later became today's Datsun.

Conquest of the Russian market

Exactly 100 years after its founding, the Japanese manufacturer dares not only back to the general, but also on the Russian vehicle market. One of the stated objectives: to push back the previous mark boundaries. The Nissan - nut covered with Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun future also soon all vehicle classes in Russia now and wants to expand with the new addition, the model range down. Cars for Discount Prices currently experiencing a true flight of fancy. In particular, the emerging markets Indonesia, India or even Russia, are the record holder in the sales statistics of the cheap brands. So bring Dacia under the Lada - Lable extremely successful the ruble to the roles. From the cheap Renault offshoot was one of the mainstays of the French world. The customer base cake is still large, but also the competition. In the incredibly affordable sedan segment arise outright price wars to win the favor of the buyer. The real Russian, the Lada Granta, leads to the registration statistics and there costs just 6,000 euros. A Ukrainian ZAZ Chance begins with prices around € 5,000 and the seller Lada ( Dacia ) Largus is to have from about 8,000 euros. The Datsun on-DO set to become one with a starting price of just under 7,000 euros in this squad.

The first conquerors in detail

But what makes a good Russian car yet, except his fight money? The on-DO as its competitors, a pure pragmatists: four doors, five seats, a luggage compartment with a volume of 530 liters and to a 1.6 - liter gasoline engine with 85 hp, nothing more. Of course, there are also special features such as electric windows, heated seats, air conditioning, on-board computer or a Bluetooth interface. How often do these options really create in a Datsun cars is questionable. Three different trim levels are available, anyway. They are named " Access" ( home ), " Trust " ( Trust ) and " Dream" ( Dream ). Anders arranges give the first letter again DAT, marketing at its finest.

Also, the vehicle name itself comes not from without significance levels. The word "Do" means in Japanese as much as movement or displacement. " On" for " he " and to emphasize the masculinity, strength and sportiness of the car, according to Datsun. With a 85-horsepower pragmatist perhaps something gripped wrong, but so is the very masculine, strong and athletic man in Russia will in future move to a Datsun on-DO. A tough marketing strategy, the Japanese manufacturer has to drive seemingly to make on the Russian market as hard a name. Looking forward, if the competitors of Lada or ZAZ follow suit. (ml)