Lada Granta #3

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Driving report Lada Vesta luxury Welcome to the modern age

Welcome to the modern age Lada – the stand up until the advent of Dacia for Germany's cheapest new cars and especially for the all-terrain vehicle classic Niva (now in a simple 4×4). The models...

Russia leads in price war

Buxtehude, April 9, 2015 In the German new-car market there have been only two true Preisbrecher: the Dacia Sandero and the Mitsubishi Space Star. Now the Lada Granta joined the ranks of the ultimate...

Masculinity, strength and athleticism

Togliatti / Moscow ( Russia ), August 14, 2014 According to Vincent cobee it is a sure thing: " The Datsun on-DO will be the future choice of Russian customers who want to buy a new, high quality and modern...