Ferrari 365

Ferrari 365 - which is not only a vehicle, but rather the name of a series of Ferrari sports car. The name stands for zwölfzylindrige Ferrari 365 Ferrari sports car with 4.4 liter displacement. The number 365 corresponds approximately to the capacity of a cylinder. From 1966 to 1984, the Italian sports car manufacturer produced a total of twelve different twelve-cylinder models. The first model, the Ferrari 365 California cabriolet, was produced 1966-1967 a total of only 14 times. The successor to the Ferrari 365 GT 2 +2, already 800 copies were made, after all. In the following years the Ferrari appeared 365 GTB / 4 Daytona, the Ferrari 365 GTS / 4 Daytona Spider, Ferrari 365 GTC, the convertible version of the GTC and Ferrari 365 GTS Ferrari 365 GTC / 4 Contrary to the former trend in high-profile mid-engine sports car to have all of these models have a V12 front engine, whose power 320 hp (California Spider) or 352 hp (Ferrari Daytona is. In 1973 came the Ferrari 365 GT / 4 Berlinetta Boxer on the market. He replaced the Ferrari Daytona 365 as the top model from the brand. At the same time, the Ferrari 365 GT / 4 Berlinetta Boxer was in contrast to the other 365er models with a mid-engine, the last Ferrari with the miraculous combination of numbers 365 This Ferrari has an all-new twelve-cylinder engine in the rear, which has a cylinder bank angle of 180 degrees. A classic boxer engine, such as Porsche, he is not nevertheless. At 302 km / h Ferrari 365 GT / 4 Berlinetta Boxer was the fastest 365 model. In 1977 the capacity was increased in this Ferrari to nearly 5.0 liters, which on the one hand, the speed of the sports car increased, on the other hand gave him a new name: Ferrari 512 BB. Nevertheless, the Ferrari 365 Daytona remains one of the most famous sports cars in the Italian sports car manufacturer and obtained by collectors dream prices.