VW Taro

With the VW Taro, a pick-up of the 1-tonne class, in early 1989, Volkswagen extended its commercial vehicle range. The VW Taro, a licensed version of the Hilux, was available in different vehicle models, with four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, a short cab or double cab. Thus, Volkswagen presented at the "IAA" in late 1989 in Hanover, in order to expand the possibilities, the VW Taro 4x4 with extra cab. There behind the driver and passenger have two more passenger capacity and alternatively, the additional space can be used as storage space for tools or luggage. The VW Taro diesel with 2.4 liters of displacement has a torque of 165 Nm and makes 79 hp. The power transmission to the rear is a hydraulically actuated dry clutch with asbestos-free linings, a five-speed manual gearbox and a propeller shaft. When Taro 4x4 can be used for four-wheel drive switch on the front axle. There are then three modes in the Volkswagen Taro 4x4 available: Rear Wheel Drive (H2), four-wheel drive road with translation (H4) and all-wheel drive with off-road ratio (L4). Between H2 and H4 can be switched while driving; when changing between H4 and L4 of the pick-up must be slower than 8 km / h may or stand. On request is for the rear axle of the Volkswagen Taro a self-locking differential available, the blocking force of the differential is limited to 40 percent. After switching off the VW Taro in 1997, was presented at the IAA 2009 as the successor of the VW Robust model. Volkswagen thus closes the gap of the new Volkswagen Robust pick-ups in the model portfolio, bringing craftsmen or forestry operations, a vehicle cargo area closer again. Interested in a pick-up like the taro as a used car or new car as the VW Robust? this website offers new and used models of all brands at an affordable price.