Advice for the two-wheel

Munich, 27 March 2017

The buds sprout, the birds are chirping and the Sun is shining: quite clearly, spring is in the starting blocks. Quite a few owners of a motorcycle driving licence get pleasure on its own machine. Cheap, new models are however rare, which is why often puts a used model in the view. That makes a lot of sense, finally a motorcycle suits around half of the year unused. About half a million used bikes changed hands in Germany in the year 2016. The Automobile Club ADAC reveals what you should be careful when buying now.

Only no hassle!

Finally, a motorcycle is built quite differently than a car, there are only a few parallels. One would be the rule of thumb to allow plenty of time for sightseeing and test drive. Be taken if appropriate clothing, simple tool a flashlight and demand a transfer characteristic. As for the car purchase, a knowledgeable companion doesn't hurt.

Pay attention to accident damage

We now come to the specific nuances of the motorcycle: during the technical check, to check whether there is rust on the exhaust system, the welds of the frame or in the tank. Leaking oil engine, fork or rear shock? Grinding marks point handlebar ends, silencers, or parts of the Panel to an accident or fall. A check of all lamps, turn signals and switch is also useful.

Fork test for two

The vehicle identification number and the size of the tires must match those specified in the documents. If the tires have hardly any profile or have left "angular", is a more expensive tire purchase in the House soon. A conspicuous height or lateral runout of the wheels, you should abandon the purchase. To check fork and steering head bearing, lifting the front of the motorcycle. To a helper pushes the stern of the bikes jacked-up down. One includes the balanced fork with both hands at the bottom and pushes them forward as well as backward. It may be felt not a game. Turning the fork from lock to lock, the steering system also for smallest twists must be to move lightly and evenly.

Louder, but also allowed?

Not the original exhaust system, but a model of the accessories market is mounted on two wheels this must comply with the statutory provisions. Otherwise, trouble threatens the TÜV or a traffic control. The approval expires and it beckons a penalty of up to 90 euros. At the brake discs, you must pay attention to the wear. The minimum thickness is not yet reached, a drive with vertically mounted thumb nail from the inside to the outside. For deeper scratches or brake discs with visible heel on the inner and outer edges of the disc, the disc must be replaced probably. Rhythmic grinding noise at the regular turning of the front wheel may indicate a side hit of the disc.

Brake life insurance

Can the handbrake be used easily to the vicinity or at the throttle, the brake system is poorly ventilated or leaking. If possible, you should change the adjustment of the lever. Nothing changes you better dispensed with a test drive. The brake pads should be at least three millimeters thick. A plus point in terms of safety is an equipment with ABS.

All clean or what?

The chain from the rear pinion can be lifted off, both are probably worn. The chain tension must remain always the same for free rotation of the rear wheel. Otherwise, the chain could be cut differently. With a shaft drive you must turn evenly the rear wheel in both directions. It may be to hear no grinding noise. During the test drive must be whether the machine starts well, the motor clean adopts gas, the two-Wheeler evenly accelerates and brakes don't Squeak or scratch checks. Blue smoke out the exhaust points to increased engine wear. The bike pulls strongly towards a fork or frame can be warped. The battery needed to accommodate easily more motor launches. (rh)