In the spring of 1975, the Volkswagen factory with the start of production of a newly developed light commercial vehicle took a decisive step. The LT Series 1 in the class from 2.8 tonnes gross weight helped Volkswagen to enter the circle of internationally active truck manufacturer. The VW LT 1 program came with flatbed, double cabins (double cab), low-loader flatbed, van, Hochraumkasten, combination and buses, and chassis-cabs and cowl in the footsteps of the Volkswagen van. From the facelift in 1983 following six-cylinder engines were available with 2.4 liter 75 PS and naturally aspirated diesel, 102 hp for the turbo - diesel than petrol and 90 hp motor. In the model series Volkswagen LT 28, LT 31 and LT 35, the customer has the choice between three axle ratios and the combination of four-speed or five-speed manual transmissions. The VW LT 35 was often hergenommen as the basis for RVs. In 1996, the second generation of the Volkswagen LT was presented. Buy from this website for cheap van. Here you will find a variety of current offers, with a diesel engine or all-wheel drive.

VW LT 1 photos