VW Jetta TSI

The engine of the presented in July 2006 VW Jetta TSI twin charger works on the principle, will be charged twice with compressor and turbocharger, and so reaches up to 170 hp and a maximum torque of 240 Newton meters. Customers do not need as much power, see the 140 hp " smaller" stage of the Volkswagen Jetta TSI is an interesting alternative to the same strong, but larger naturally aspirated engines. Stylistically shows the V-shaped grille of the VW Jetta aware proximity to the new Passat and the Golf GTI, the first two production models of the brand with the new VW " face ". The rear end of the VW Jetta TSI style also follows the current VW design line and for Volkswagen already has the typical, very fast response LED lights on. Compared to the current Jetta VW Bora put in all dimensions significantly. This is the space available for passengers on the rear bench seat benefit. Thus, the verwindungssteifere 15 percent of the body VW Jetta TSI grew by 17.8 inches in length and now measures 4.55 meters. The height of the sedan is 1.46 meters (+ 1.3 cm). In width, the Volkswagen Jetta won 4.6 centimeters. Buy online at this website limousines from all manufacturers at bargain prices.