Triumph TR6

To get the brand appeal, tried engineers triumph, to create a new model : the TR6. The designer Michelotti was busy with other projects, so that victory was in agreement with Karmann. Unchanged from the TR4A and TR5 were the interior, the doors and the front and side windows. The new TR-face has been streamlined by the two lights positioned either side of a well-structured grille. Two side moldings disappeared, the rear lamps were √úR daf to the flanks drawn into it. The tail was edged, so that was more store. From 1969 to 1972 vehicles were produced with a 2.4-liter six-cylinder engine and 150 hp. 1970 was the TR6 a more robust gearbox, 1973 the plastic spoiler under the front bumper, 1974 a standard overdrive. The engine of the Triumph TR6 PI was reduced due to the stringent European exhaust emission standard of 150 to 124 hp. The Triumph TR6 to 1976 was by far the best-selling model in the TR series. In July 1976, the production of the TR6 was discontinued. Since 1968 a total of 94,619 copies of Triumph TR6 were built. In this website you will find new and used vehicles, including demonstration and cheap classic vintage cars.