Toyota Alpha

The Toyota Alpha is the large version of the Toyota Prius and will bring a new concept of space and the family van with hybrid drive to large families, where the sedan is not enough with hybrid technology. The appearance of the Toyota Alpha is clearly derived from the Prius and aimed at drivers for those interested in a Renault Grand Scenic, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class or the Mazda CX-seventh So the Toyota Alpha wants to score, especially with the established hybrid Prius and highlight the cost for a family van. Toyota Alpha will be built in two versions, 5 - and 7-seater. The working technique of the Toyota sedan is fitted directly into the family van, so an electric motor with 82 hp in conjunction with the four-cylinder gasoline engine works with 99 hp. Of course, include start-stop system and regenerative braking (regenerative braking) to the standard in the Toyota Alpha. ESP, ABS and seven airbags as well. The interior of the Toyota especially the alpha 7 seats, where passengers can find an excellent place to dominate. Toyota Alpha you will find this website as a new car in different models and configurations.