Zandvoort is almost suitable for Formula 1

The Zandvoort Circuit just need some minor adjustments to make it suitable for a grand prix in the Formula 1. That says racedirecteur Charlie Whiting of the international autosportfederatie FIA on the website Racing.

Minimal changes are needed," says Whiting, who recently released an inspection performed on the racetrack in the dunes, where Niki Lauda in 1985, the last winner of the Grand prix of the Netherlands.

He stressed that only the layout of the circuit is evaluated. ,,On commercial affairs, I do not. I have the circuit purely viewed from the safety aspects, and suitability for the modern Formula 1 cars and then I see I lot of potential."

The Zandvoort Circuit would like the Formula to return 1, and has already plans. A comeback is feasible, but requires investment of many millions of euros. The costs are in any case not in adjustments of the circuit, it is apparent from the inspection of Whiting. ,,There is a nice straight piece and the historical elements are well-preserved."

In addition to Zandvoort aast also the TT Circuit in Assen on a Formula 1 race. That has everything to do with the popularity of Max Verstappen. In the province of Drenthe is also working hard to achieve the plans. A foundation has already negotiated with the management of the Formula 1.

Racedirecteur Whiting earlier this year the track in Drenthe visited and there is also a positive judgement.