Wow, it's still an Exige!

Hethel (England), 4. May 2018

Slowly, it isn't really at all in the case of small, lightweight, and absurdly fast flounder from the East of England. Felt a new Exige-special model currently leaves almost on a weekly basis in the workshops of Lotus in Hethel. 350, 380, Sport 380, Cup 380, Cup 430 ... as the brain of the sporting driver is a smoker. Now, however, Colin Chapman's heirs together of socks, the rampant Exige Portfolio, apparently on three fixed model. The introduction of the Exige 350 forms as in the past. On the other, completely crazy end of the scale, the Exige Cup 430 is seated. And in between, the Exige Sport 410 implant. With the new arrival for a "in Between model" of skin on the plaster.

In 3.5 seconds to 100 km/h

In the slightly quirky world of Lotus and the new Exige Sport is 410, like the everyday Version of the Exige Cup 430. And, although most of the Upgrades of this model over Hiking in the new 410er. This includes, among other things, the drive. The 3.5-Liter supercharged V6 all-purpose weapon, it brings in the latest Exige to 416 HP and 420 Newton meters. The are both a 20 HP and Newton meters less than in the case of the Cup 430. Also the oil Cooler and a stronger clutch from the 430s. The six-speed hand-held switch with the stunningly beautiful open-circuit setting is series. The 410 Sport is flying in 3.5 seconds from 0-100 km/h (0.2 seconds) and creates such as the Cup 430, a Vmax of 290 cases.

Nevertheless, a lot of Motorsport

As mentioned, Lotus looks at the Sport 410 with a clear focus on road use. Various optional Gadgets, which smell strongly of Motorsport, there are still. A fire extinguisher, for example. Or an Emergency-Off-switch, four-point racing harness, Airbag deactivation or equal to a steering Wheel without the annoying air bag. Even a FIA-certified roll cage is available.

150 Pounds Of Downforce

With the Exige Sport 410 Lotus introduces a slightly modified front design which adorns from now on the "normal" Exige 350. The aerodynamics is not quite as aggressive as the Cup 430. Also the rear wing is a bit smaller, which means that he would be in any way small. The Sport 410 generates downforce to 150 pounds. And here is the biggest difference to the Cup 430. The presses with a maximum of 220 pounds to the ground.

Chassis something gallant

Seis drum, it's all about Riding on the street, who needs the output? . To the usual anti-glare driving dynamics the Chassis, which was also taken from the Exige Cup 430 care. The three-way adjustable Nitron shocks were more trimmed in the direction of the road use, but should deal nevertheless still in their shirtsleeves. Adjustable Eibach stabilizers are the front and rear as standard. The forged Ultra-light wheels (available in Black or silver) Michelin Pilot Cup 2 Tires. Behind it, Four-piston calipers sit by AP Racing two piece brake discs from J-hook. If you think that the dashing Flo is 1.074 kilos but clearly too heavy, then Lotus sold you a titanium exhaust system that saves about ten pounds. In addition, you Carbon get parts (the roof for example), which should also bring a few grams.

Probably under 100,000 euros

Inside there is the usual Mix of Alcantara-steering Wheel, Lotus Carbon-fibre sports seats and the lack of any comfort Features. Taking at least a few modern amenities such as air-conditioning or iPod and Bluetooth connectivity. For the price we, unfortunately, know nothing. But he will be under the 127.500 Euro, the Exige Cup 430 costs. The Exige Sport 380 is detached from the Sport of 410, was 89.900 euros.(sw)