World record for the SUV Premiere

London (United Kingdom), 13. July 2017

Hardly we can take a undisguised, and the first look at the new Jaguar E-Pace, as the compact SUV-the brother of F has immortalized-Pace in the Guinness book of records. What went down at the Premiere in London? We are in the truest sense of the role ...

Compact sports car in the segment?

Now we know not only how the new E-Pace will look like (like a small F-Pace, which mixes a sporty look with the practicality of an SUV), but that the according to the manufacturer "responsive Chassis and a sporty drive strands of" E-Pace "the sporty Compact car segment". Jaguar design chief Ian Callum said: "Our new Compact SUV combines the interior space, the connectivity and the security of the families of this proportions to be expected, with a Design and a Performance not normally associated with such a practical car."

160 meters start-up, with 15.3 meters long jump

As in the case of the F-Pace Premiere in 2015 (at the time, the SUV was several floors high, Looping hunted) was presented to the E-Pace with a Stunt. The stunt driver Terry Grant has not role with the five-seater is only a 15,3 meters long jump, he led a full yet at the same time a corkscrew-like 270-degree Barrel. World record. For the longest barrel roll with a series vehicle. By the way: During the jump, Terry had to endure a 5.5 G and a 160-Meter-long calls was necessary to reach the correct speed.

Starting at the equivalent of 32,000 euros

But back to the car: The cheapest E-Pace in the UK 28.500 pounds. That is equivalent to currently more than 32,000 euros. As standard, should always be a large touch screen with the latest 4G and Wifi technology. More information on the technical data will follow shortly ...(ml)