Without Van and but

Frankfurt, July 28, 2015

Whether i10 or i20: Lately Hyundai scored with small models at a high level. Almost forgotten the minivan ix20 is advised. No wonder: It's been five years in the market, which is an eternity for Hyundai ratios. Now get the ix20 a facelift.

More Grill

The term " facelift " it hits very well in this case because the most striking is the redesigned front end. She gets the hexagonal grille, which is the new brand of Hyundai. In addition, redesigned headlights, LED taillights and other wheels. In the cockpit, there is now a heated steering wheel and new audio systems with optional 1 - GB hard drive. Both the length ( 4.11 meters ) and at the boot volume 440-1486 liters nothing changes.

unspectacular technology

The motors of the Hyundai ix20 is equipped conservative. The modern one-liter turbo gasoline engine will likely get only the successor. It stays with two suction gasoline engines with 90 and 125 hp and two diesel with 90 and 115 hp. At the big petrol the antiquated four-speed automatic is replaced by a more modern box with six stages. It costs the 1.6-liter unit 0.7 seconds in the sprint to 100 km / h. With manual transmission, the value is 10.8 seconds.

Moderate increase

Hyundai ix20 will be built of such date in Novosice in the Czech Republic. Prices start at 15,690 euros for the 90 - horsepower gasoline engine, it's 500 euros more than previously . ( rh )