Without noise and odor

Berlin, 24 may 2016

Karting: Must Squeak, stink and booming. Not necessarily, the German Motorsport find at least the FIA motor sport world authority, Federal DMSB and supplier Bosch. In the context of the formula E race in Berlin, an electric racing karts was now presented, could be the future in the field of Junior sport.

20 kilowatts and 300 Newton metres

In less than five seconds from standstill to 100 km/h: Sounds like a sports car, is possible also with the electric Kart study of Bosch. That runs with full torque from the first touch of the gas pedal Kart on over 130 km/h. A drive system was installed in the chassis from the largest German Kart producer Mach1 to Bosch. The so-called "boost récupération system" will support from 2017 engines in cars in the compact class and was for use in the Kart modified. Two 20 kilowatt Starter generators drive performance and a torque of sporting 300 Newton metres the Kart's. The power is stored in a 48-volt lithium battery. Optionally, the generators can also power rekuperieren and use this to speed up.

Motorsport is electrically

How purely electric motor sports can look, shows already the formula E, which offers very quiet but still exciting racing. Electrically powered karts in the rental sector, which are not so strong as the Bosch-Kart, are already for years on the order of the day, including on the in-house of the Nürburgring kart track. (mf)