With the car to Dakar Rally

Sertões ( Brazil ), August 25, 2015

If the web is once again in a strike stage or the booked flight connection due Tarifuneinigkeiten fails, we're all glad that there are car rental companies. But for fun, you can rent and drive ?? What Fast for example. Maybe a Porsche or even a little Italian. How about but even with a pick-up for the Dakar Rally? There is a Brazilian-South African " car rental ", the two converted after 2016er FIA T1 Regulations Ford Ranger has in its fleet.


The two pick-ups came as a new car to Brazil and were in 2015 by Neil Woolridge Motorsport ( NWM ) from South Africa rebuilt. By almost 200 kg each car was facilitated. In addition to lowering the center of gravity, offset the engine a little toward the front, knew the aggregate with an improved cooling system and unscrewed a new exhaust system with the Ranger. Is delayed with air-cooled Brembo brakes front and water-cooled rear Brembo brakes.

The result

The result is two Ford Ranger with a 50: 50 weight distribution between front and rear axle as well as a pretty tricked powertrain under the simplified bodywork: To use the 5.0-liter V8 with 355 hp coming from the Ford Mustang. Its power is transmitted via a six-speed sequential gearbox. Consumption and acceleration values ​​are not known. Both are likely depending on the surface and driving have high deviations. Top speed, however, is indicated at 190 km / h, the tank holds 520 liters of fuel.

rental inquiries

Currently the two vehicles from the Brazilian X Rally Team are operated and controlled by the pilots Christian and Marcos Baumgart. At last year's rally in Sertões the two prototypes have already put their skills to the test. In a marathon stage over 903 kilometers, the cars took the top two ranks ?? without a single problem on the track. Overall, the team three of seven rally sections could win. Rental requests go to the X Rally Team in Brazil or NWM from South Africa . (ml)