With hydrogen in the Tank to the Olympic Games

Cologne, 23. October 2017

Toyota shows at this year's Tokyo Motor Show (25. October to 5. November 2017) of the new fuel cell bus Sora. The concept vehicle with hydrogen drive are already in 2018 on the market. At the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo, by then more than 100 fuel cell buses guests to carry.

Space for 78 passengers and a driver

The model name is Sora is derived from the natural elements of the water cycle: Sky, Ocean, River, Air (sky, ocean, river, air). The fuel cell system, which is already used in the Toyota Mirai, emits neither CO2 nor other pollutants. In the case of the extraction of electrical energy from hydrogen and air, it produces water only steam. The performance is according to Toyota, twice a 113 kW, the 308 HP. The ten 700-bar hydrogen tanks have a volume of 600 liters, the range is not specified. The 10,53 Meter-long Bus has 22 seats and 56 standing places. To increase the comfort for the passengers, for the first time in Japan, arranged transversely to the direction of the seats on Board. When not in use, they fold up automatically. Space for children there is enough carriages or in wheelchairs.

Acceleration control and Car-to-X System

For the safety of eight high-resolution cameras in and around the vehicle. They capture, among other things, pedestrians and cyclists and warn the driver audibly and visually before the collision. An acceleration control is suppressed, in addition, jerky movements, and allows for smoother take-offs at stops and traffic lights. In addition, there is an automatic access control: The System will detect guidelines in the road surface and stops the Bus stops at the correct distance and in the correct Position. This simplifies the barrier-free access with prams and wheelchairs. The Sora is also equipped with ITS Connect, a Toyota-designed Car-to-X communication system. It also Buskonvois, as well as the so-called Public Transportation Priority System (PTPS), the public transport in traffic lights as a matter of priority.(sl)