Why doesn't my car?

Munich, 16. February 2018

The battery is the most common fault if the car is traveling. The automobile club ADAC, with the shares now, and proudly announces how many times the Yellow angel in 2017, helped more than four million times. The 1.762 ADAC vehicles covered nearly 54 million kilometres, the equivalent of around 1,350 times around the world.

In 40 percent of mishaps, the battery is to blame

Nearly 40 percent of all breakdowns were due to the battery. The engine management took third place with 21 percent. This mainly includes problems with the fuel injection, sensors, or the ignition. With 13 percent of breakdowns in steering system, body, brake, suspension or drive to beech beat.

Other electrical components are defect-prone

It is Defective to other electrical components such as Generator, starter, lighting or wiring (10 per cent) and damage to tyres (almost seven percent). Not so often to blame on the fuel system, the cooling system, including heater and exhaust system were to remain.(sl)