Who wants the million - unique?

Uithoorn ( Netherlands ), June 30, 2015

Normally, the legendary Italian Riva boats are called "Rolls-Royce of the seas". This, however, here is the Lamborghini of water. And not just figuratively: 1968 Ferruccio Lamborghini was that jewel the precious ship-builder Carlo Riva in order. Thus, the founder of the sports car brand of the same name was classified in the illustrious ranks of Riva owners, which included Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot alongside Sean Connery and Gunter Sachs. However, Mr Lamborghini had a few extra wishes and allowed for example attach a railing. Most fascinating, however, were the drives that brought the cars manufacturers alike: Two four-liter V12 from the 350 GT, the very first Lamborghini. Together they delivered 700 hp and let the elegant mahogany boat with up to 48 knots (about 89 km / h) over the water hiss. Although a normal Riva Aquarama-boot had at least V8 engines from Chrysler or Chevrolet, but was only 40 knots (about 74 km / h) fast.

20 years in Lamborghinis possession

The water vehicle was delivered on 7 June 1968, remained 20 years in Ferruccio Lamborghini owned until he sold it in 1988 to his friend Angelo Merli. Then the track of the boat loses, until it was rediscovered under a tarp in the corner of a yard. The new owner, a Dutch collector, the Nobel ship then brought to Riva - World in Dutch Uithoorn, a world-renowned Riva - restorer.

Three years of restoration

The repair lasted three years. Also because Riva - World CEO Sandro Zani emphasis on the smallest details. The hull was sanded and then provided with 25 layers of varnish, restored the wood interior, the seats have been reupholstered and revised every switch. To replace the original engines Lamborghini V12 units were purchased and rebuilt, as if they were made ​​for the boat. Zani traveled specially for the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum to seek advice ?? there is a genuine twelve-cylinder found in the watercraft.

Two million or more?

This unique collector's item is now available for sale, with this are also all original documents and a complete documentation of the restoration. The boat can be visited in the Riva - World in Uithoorn, who wants it, can make an offer. How much will achieve the unique ultimately, is not foreseeable. For a normal Riva Aquarama prices are charged to the 400,000 Euro, for the motor dispenser 350 GT are about 300,000 euros to be set. The boat should we estimate the two-million mark loosely crack, but presumably it brings a lot more . ( hd )