White - blue - red study ?? with ?? R ??

Munich / Pebble Beach ( USA ), August 14, 2015

Every year, car enthusiasts gather for Concours d'Elegance in Pebble Beach, California. This year ( 15 to 16 August 2015), the world premiere of the BMW 3.0 CSL tribute R takes place there. With the racing study BMW wants to celebrate the 40th anniversary of North America and at the same time the motorsport successes of the primal father ?? the BMW 3.0 CSL ?? honor in 1975.

Not much new in the design

The design of the study and the approach are not new: At the end of May 2015 was BMW on the Concorso d`Eleganza in Cernobbio, Italy, a garish yellow concept car called 3.0 CSL tribute ( without R ). The exterior is also now a mixture of quotations of the historical model and modern air duct. We find the typical BMW kidney at the front. The front headlamps work with laser light and LED technology. An "X " in the luminous graphics reminiscent of the X-shaped taping the headlights in endurance racing. The rear lights also work with LED technology. A band of light in the spoiler combines both lamps. Furthermore, to increase the pressure on the driven rear axle the formidable counter. In the R version is now added a new color and graphic design. The white finish and the many details in the BMW Motorsport colors are reminiscent of the racing version of the original BMW 3.0 CSL from 1975 even more.

Connection of driver and vehicle

Inside they had set itself the goal to create a " perfect as possible unity of man and machine ". With this approach, conventional interior features present completely new. The visor in the helmet of the driver accepts display functions and projects information such as speed, power and speed in the direct field of vision. The racing suit visualize the connection between driver and car: If both hands on the wheel, show in the sleeves incorporated fluorescent strips the information course of the steering column on the arms targeted. The seats are made of carbon. The upholstery is white, quilted and takes the design of the driver's suit on. By means of six-point belts, the driver is held in place. In the rear is only room for two in the center console integrated helmets.

No exact data drive

In the manufactured almost exclusively from carbon interior the universal dashboard is only implemented as wood veneer surface. Also it is a quote. Only the small charge indicator for a " eBoost " breaks through the solid wood surface. The ominous " eBoost " has, according to BMW an electrical energy store, which sits under two projects into the rear longitudinal bracing. One possible plug-in hybrid system could work with a three-liter straight-six engine. Then the combustion engine would be another ( more advanced ) quote for the 1975 - model. However, as the " eBoost " works and can be with what additional technical data expected, BMW does not tell. This is not so important, because, as with all previous Concorso - d`Eleganza vehicles is likely to remain at 3.0 CSL tribute R even in a pure study . (ml)