We were at the Premiere of Fast and Furious Live

London, 25. January 2018

It was a veritable Star casserole on the last Friday at London's O2 Arena. The reason for this is the world premiere of the Fast and Furious Live World Tour. The ground-breaking production, the various scenes from the famous car-film series brought in front of a Live audience to a new life, was for more than five years in the making. Now it's finally happening. The Fast and Furious Live Show starts in Europe. In the first year, they visited 23 venues in 14 countries. Then it goes into a Non-Stop Tour for five years, to the entire Globe.

Old with a new story intertwined

The Cast for Fast and Furious Live is, in principle, from eleven stunt riders and a handful of Parkour runners. Make a total of 18 scenes from the name to give the movie Franchise. The story, however, is interwoven with an entirely new Storyline, which also includes previously unknown, fresh Charektere. Streetracerin Sophia Diaz, played by Elysia Wren, and DSS Agent Dawson, played by Mark Ebulé, together, to make the Remains of the villain Ciphers Crew. Cipher familiar to Fans of the recent Fast-and-Furious-movie "Fate of the Furious" by 2017. The villainess Charlize Theron is played.

Incredible 3D effects

Diaz and Dawson take the audience on a trip around the world. This is made possible by high-tech 3D-Mapping. The Arena can be transformed into every conceivable Venue – from the streets of Miami, the Russian glacial lakes, et cetera – in the ultra-realistic Sets and images on the backdrop and the floor of the hall (both of which are specifically for the Show) made projected. Together with the Arsenal of over 40 vehicles and so created a visual experience that you have to really have to see it to believe it.

An excited producer

Rowland French, the Show, staged and produced, was once head of the Top Gear Live World Tour, which went under the "Clarkson, Hammond and May"-Banner in 2015 in the same O2 Arena. He admits that the new production unfolded their very own pressure. "It's so different, because of the Fast and Furious Live is for me a true affair of the heart; Clarkson, Hammond and May – it was her Show and I was more of a process companion, whereas Fast and Furious Live much longer feels like my Baby," he told auto news/Motor1.com. "I'm excited," he added. "I think a Show like this – Fast and Furious Live is full of interactivity – needs the audience, the Fans. In many ways, has not given us the long months of Training in a big black Box so really the truth. Our "third party actors" has been missing. Tonight is a big night for me. Finally, I can see it in the Whole and I could not be happier."

Vin Diesel in a great mood

Superstar and producer of the Fast and Furious film series, Vin Diesel was at the Premiere among the spectators, and could not hide his enthusiasm for the Live Show really. "Wow, look at this impressive Arena," he said before the Show. "It is so exciting to be here, so exciting to have the opportunity to present this Show. Rowland, who has brought the Show to life, was a Fan with an idea. He was a Fan with Passion and he dreamed of this idea that we could have a car-Theater for all of you. And that her experience could, as it was to make these films – something that we feel all the time."

Technology makes Paul-Walker-appearance is possible

Diesel was at the Premiere, obviously in a chatty mood. "I just want to say, in the name of the Fast-and-Furious-Saga, that we are very happy that you are all there to bring the Show on the road. And I say, in the name of my brother Pablo: Thank you for being part of the family". He was referring to his deceased film partner, Paul Walker, thanks to archive Material also in the Fast and Furious Live Show.

The dates for Germany

German Fans, who want to experience the great car show itself, don't need to wait for a long time. Fast and Furious Live in Munich, Cologne and Berlin. The Olympic hall in Munich is 16. to 18. February 2018 on it. From the 2. to 4. March 2018 in the Cologne Lanxess-Arena and the Berlin Mercedes-Benz-Arena is 22. - 24. June 2018 venue for the XXL-Auto-Events.(sw)