We also want a

Malvern (England), 6 February 2017

You want to introduce your child at the tender age of six years on the topic of Electromobility, the little to stand before his elementary school buddies but not in the first week as a total nerd? No problem. Ensures all the English tradition manufacturer Morgan. After the 'big' electric Threewheeler for adults, there is now also a version for the younger fans of the brand.

After all, 16 km/h

Clearly, the acceleration values of the original EV "Junior" can compete with the top speed is 16 km/h. There are other pretty impressive details on the small tricycle. So is the chassis made of lightweight carbon, inside we find a dashboard made of wood and hand-sewn leather interior. The headlights and brake lights are fully functional. Up to 16 km range are possible depending on the driving style, once complete charging takes about four hours.

40,000 colors

Not extraordinary enough, who are the three standard colors "Sport Red", "Green sports" or "Sporting ivory", who can wrap the body in one of over 40,000 shades for a small surcharge offered Morgan for his "big" vehicles. There are various stickers packages for the personification. Oh, Yes, a price Morgan has announced of course also: around 9,300 euros is due for the cool toy. Whether it better directly would be a solid first car for the license purchase? Already. But the junior EV definitely has style. (mf)