Water flow!

Munich, 13 February 2014

This is the new BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car. It can hardly be overlooked carbon-fiber rear wing and also everything else that has to offer BMW M Performance program currently on carbon parts for the M4. This applies to both the body as well as for the interior. This seems completely made ​​of carbon fiber and Alcantara, an on back seat and get a roll bar and Recaro bucket seats. In addition, the M GmbH equipped their new Safety Car for the premier class of motorcycle racing with a titanium exhaust system, an adjustable suspension and a powerful LED light bar on the roof, which would also make outstanding on an American police car.

More performance with water

The really interesting point but when you look under the pimped with a motorsport - locking hood. There lurks, as expected, a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder bi-turbo, which brings it in the normal M4 to 431 hp and 550 Newton meters. For the new MotoGP BMW M4 has, however, the aggregate by a significant trick. The Safety Car has well the first time a water injection. The well-known from racing system injects water as a fine mist into the collector of the intake module and thus provides on evaporation for cooling the intake air. Especially in turbocharged engines, this is already strongly heated in the compressor of the turbocharger. A charge air cooler can only offer limited help here. The water injection, however, is to cool the combustion air significantly, which increases the combustion efficiency. The result: More power with less fuel consumption. BMW says each of about eight percent.

Water tank in the trunk

The five-liter water tank system sits in the trunk. There are also water pump, sensors and valves in it. The complex is controlled by an extension of the engine electronics. The amount of injection is carried out depending on load, speed and temperature. Under normal driving conditions, the tank needs to be refilled about every fifth refueling.

Concrete view of performance-M4

You wonder now sure why all this is important. Finally, you have little of it personally when a BMW Safety Car is a little stronger than before. Well, it is of importance because BMW mentioned almost in passing that " the model a concrete view of an M car out there that will set a new benchmark in performance, exclusivity and individuality. " Translation: A hotter version of the BMW M4 is imminent. Whether they M4 M4 CSL or GTS or maybe 's very different, can only be guessed. But on a grand piano, water injection and at least 465 hp (which would be the eight per cent ) we can look forward well . (sw)