W Motors presents Beast Patrol

W Motors presents no priceless which hypercar, but a very impressive looking police car in SUV form. Shiver and shake for Beast Patrol!

Whom the words 'police' and 'Dubai' in his head, combines, comes quickly to the fleet of supercars of the police force in the well-known emirate, but this is the not today. The W Motors Beast Patrol is not simply a which hypercar from the fleet of striping is provided, but a special if police developed a SUV with a rather impressive appearance.

The car is presented on techbeurs Gitex and W Motors is unfortunately not exactly flush with information. We will therefore have to make do with the photos that the company via social media has spread. That is a sharp SUV with an aggressive nose, a American-looking 'push bar', a distinctive rear 'suicide doors' for the unfortunate rear seat passengers and a futuristic interior. At first glance, the Beast Patrol a self-contained model, but upon further inspection, there seems to be nevertheless a well known under the imposing bodywork shelter. The steering wheel and the automaathendel betray that this is a large SUV from General Motors, probably a Chevrolet Tahoe or Suburban. After the firm adjustments, however, which, according to its makers, "the smartest police in the world'. What exactly is intended with the Beast Patrol is still unclear, but the police force of Dubai, has often shown not to be afraid to a particular vehicle to join the service.

W Motors entered in 2012 which hypercar arena with the Lykan Hypersport. In 2015 we met the second model, the Fenyr Supersports, and since then it remained quiet around the company. That doesn't mean that nothing happens, because undoubtedly find W Motors in the United Arab Emirates sufficient customers for its special products.